Best Horse Sale Websites NZ

A roundup of the Best Horse Sale Websites for NZ Equestrians…

Here’s a round up of the Best Horse Sale Websites to help you get the job done!

Buying or selling horses can be a daunting task at the best of times, so we’ve decided to make the job a little easier for you by bringing you a collection of the best free horse sale websites and horses for sale websites available for NZ Equestrians. Below are a selection of websites where you can advertise your horse for sale, or search for your next four legged companion, with a brief description of the site, costs etc.

What, I hear you ask… Doesn’t this just mean HorsesForSale is sending potential advertisers off to other websites?

Our philosophy is that we want to provide a useful buy and sell classified service to NZ Equestrians and deliver value to our readers. We believe this is best achieved through collaboration and sharing of information. Even if this means we encourage our readers to create adverts on other websites as well as our own… After all, the aim is to connect horses and ponies with their future homes, and you never know where your potential buyer hangs out.  We recommend you advertise on HorsesForSale as well as a selection of the sites below, depending on your budget and the buyer you are trying to attract.

Horses For Sale New Zealand

… aka this website 🙂 was established in 2017 in direct response to the demand for a FREE alternative to NZ auction & classified Listing sites, where fees have crept up over a number of years. The use of social media had become a popular alternative for advertising horses and ponies for sale, however Facebook have been threatening to enforce their ‘no sale of animals policy for some time and it was from this, that HorsesForSale was created. (Whether Facebook actively enforce their own rules remains to be seen… we will watch and wait.)

Equestrian businesses and trades are also invited to create free listings (for a limited time) and welcomes guest writers wishing to contribute to the site.

  • Cost to advertise horses/ponies: $0
  • Number of listings at time of writing: 60
  • Marketing/Readership: Facebook page, Pinterest, regular e-newsletters to a growing readership
  • Create a FREE Advert Here


TradeMe still retains the stronghold over the online Equestrian marketplace with over 800 horse and pony for sale listings on the site at any given time. There’s no doubt that TradeMe is a recognised household name and one of the best horse sale websites with the website traffic and readership to justify it being the go to place for many equine enthusiasts looking to buy or sell.

  • Cost to advertise horses/ponies: $39 + any listing extras such as additional photos, subtitle and/or increased listing length
  • Number of listings at time of writing: 800+

Horses and Gear for sale NZ (Facebook Groups)

Facebook Groups such as Horses and Gear for Sale NZ which has over 14000 members are a popular choice for people wanting to avoid advertising fees to list and sell their horses. the disadvantage is that posts are not easily searchable and you need to ‘bump’ your post routinely to keep it in front of prospective buyers. Just remember – Not everyone uses Facebook.

It is also against the terms of Facebook use to advertise live animals on the platform. As best practice, we recommend creating a FREE advert on then share to your ‘listing’ in a post to your preferred Facebook group as a workaround to this Facebook Policy.

ISpyHorses is a recognised site and is popular for buying and selling quality Sporthorses.

  • Cost to advertise horses/ponies: $Free listings for OTT and horses under $1000. A premium advert listing will set you back around $230, but ensures you will receive maximum exposure of your listing
  • Number of listings at time of writing: 100+
  • Readership: unknown / Facebook fans 56K
  • Marketing: GoogleAdwords, Regular featured e-newsletter updates, Facebook page
  • Visit here

Back in it’s heyday, EquineTrader had a huge following, however the site has been winding down over the past few years. Now there is very little in the way of current content or adverts on the site.

Apparently a major upgrade of the EquineTrader website is planned within the next 12 months. Watch this space.

  • Cost to advertise horses/ponies: $FREE for basic listings, with a small charge for extras such as featured listings, bold titles etc.
  • Number of listings at time of writing: 12
  • Readership: unknown
  • Marketing: unknown
  • Visit here

This global platform boldly boasts over 30,000,000 page views every month, however the Horses For Sale NZ section is quite small. However, with free and paid advertising options, it could be an option to get extra exposure to sell your horse/pony or surplus gear.

  • Cost to advertise horses/ponies: $FREE for basic listings, paid options also available
  • Number of NZ Equestrian listings at time of writing: 180+
  • Readership: unknown / however they state over 30million page views monthly (this is not substantiated)
  • Marketing: unknown
  • Visit AdPost here

HorseSale is promoted as NZ’s simplest and most effective way to sell your horse. It’s quick and easy to sign up and list your horse. Whilst the site appears to be active, there’s less than 30 listings and the most recent listing (at time of writing this post) was April 2018. There is also an events calendar and studbook on the site.

  • Cost to advertise horses/ponies: $9.99 for Bronze Listing, $19.99 Silver Listing, $29.95 Gold Listing
  • Number of NZ Equestrian listings at time of writing: less than 30 listings
  • Readership: unknown
  • Marketing: unknown
  • Visit here


Other Horse Sale Websites?

We hope you found our roundup of popular New Zealand Horses for Sale websites. Are there others that we need to include on this list? If you have any suggestions of additional websites we need to include on this roundup, please leave a comment below and we’ll add to this listing.

Your feedback and comments are welcomed!


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