Equestrian Holidays in New Zealand

Best Horse Riding Holidays in NZ

Over the past decade or so, horse riding vacations have increased dramatically in popularity. We’re seeing more and more horse riding holidays in New Zealand, which is no surprise. After all, New Zealand offers some of the best horseback riding vacations in the world.
Perhaps it’s the great kiwi hospitality that we offer, well-trained quality horses, or simply that we have some of the most stunning riding country and scenery just waiting to be explored.

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Horse Trekking in New Zealand is big business

A quick look on TripAdvisor will give you an idea of just how many horse trekking operators are in NZ.

For example, horseback riding tours returned some 1300+ results, not to mention other iterations of common searches; such as horse trekking (290+ results), horse riding (400+ results) to name a couple. There’s easily in excess of 2,000 operators in New Zealand, which is quite high considering how small this country is.

There are many types of horse riding experiences, from a half hour ‘kiddy’ session at a petting farm, one to two hour treks, or full day rides, to overnight camping trips or fully catered multi day rides which explore some of our vast and beautiful unspoiled landscapes. For local riders, some trekking or horse tour businesses will allow the option of bringing their own horse – which can be a great way to explore New Zealand their special four legged friend, or even getting some much-needed mileage on a young horse in new surroundings and with different horses.

Whatever your skill level, or appetite for adventure… in New Zealand you’re guaranteed to find something to suit your ability and budget!

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Multi Day Horse Riding Adventures

For the equestrian holiday maker, a multi day horse riding adventure in New Zealand is an ideal way to ‘get among it’ and see some of the best scenery that New Zealand has to offer. One day you could be riding along a beach, the next through forestry, or you could be riding across a high country stations, among snow capped mountain ranges, tackling rugged terrain and river crossings.

Here’s a few of our picks for multi-day horse riding adventures in New Zealand;

North Island

South Island

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Horse riding holidays are good for you!

If you’re not already sold on the idea of exploring New Zealand on horseback for your next holiday, then let me leave you with one final thought. Horse riding holidays are not only a great way to see the world, they are also good for you!

Don’t believe the horse does all the work. Guess how many calories are burned horseback riding?

It’s been proven that riding a horse for 45 minutes at walk, trot & canter can burn as many as 200 calories. That’s just trekking and trail riding. For riders doing more strenuous exercise such as dressage, cross-country or show jumping, the number of calories burned can be much higher.

Aside from burning those extra calories, Horse riding has many other positive benefits and can improve;

  • posture and core strength
  • muscle tone
  • balance and co-ordination
  • mental state
  • sense of achievement and well being

This is definitely some food for thought when planning your next holiday. Perhaps a horse riding vacation should be added to your bucket list!


Do you know of any great multi-day horse trekking tours in your region? Please leave a comment below, we’d love to hear from you!

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