Lotto winner spends millions on his horses…

Have you ever daydreamed about winning Lotto?

Perhaps it would be a chance to pay off the mortgage and divvy up the proceeds with your family. Or perhaps, if you’re a horse mad enthusiast, it would give you the opportunity to finally buy your dream equestrian property, complete with purpose built stables, fencing, arena … and fill your paddocks with beautiful horses perfectly suited to you and your chosen discipline.

After all, dreams are free.

Real life Lotto winner, Lou Te Keeti, recently made those daydreams a reality. In just one year, he spent $5.8 of his $10.3 million in Lotto winnings, gaining 19 racehorses along the way, who will soon be living the good life in a new architectural purpose built stable block. Yet Te Keeti is very happy to remain in his old original family home with a wood burner fire. In fact, he hasn’t even bought himself a new pair of gumboots!

It’s been a year since the Tauranga kaumātua purchased the winning Lotto ticket scooping a the $10.3m Powerball jackpot.

“It hasn’t changed me. What you see is what you get. … I still get up to do my chores. I go down to the local Four Square in my old clothes, and the ladies say, ‘Lou you haven’t changed one bit’.”

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In fact, his wife Val decided not to use any of the winnings to renovate their home, deciding that there were too many good memories within those walls. The only beneficiaries of new living quarters are the 19 racehorses that Lou and Val spent $2m on.

The couple have not forgotten that life was sometimes a struggle before their win. Being very community minded, they have given their children and seven mokopuna “enough to be comfortable”, donated $300,000 to local charities, paid for the tar sealing and fencing of the road to the urupā, bought a minibus for the kuia, and established a $150,000 education fund for primary school children to help with uniforms and other costs of school.

However, they have no special plans to mark they anniversary of their win; instead opting to do what they always do on a Saturday night – have a boil up, some fish heads, followed by a few cold ones at the local social club.

“Val still jumps in the drain to get the watercress (for the boil up). She’ll have a few whiskeys, I’ll have two or three stubbies. Maybe four if the company is good…” says Lou

How would you spend $10m?

On the off chance that you’re stuck for inspiration on how to spend your imaginary Lotto winnings on your equestrian habit, we’ve put together some ideas to help you blow some serious cash, fast:

1. Upgrade your horse float with a luxury Horse Transporter

The Wade Equine Platinum Plus series is the perfect competition truck for the serious rider, offering huge storage capacity, luxurious living space and comfortably sleeps 8-10 people. Too much for your weekly trip to Pony Club? Never!  Visit WadeGroup website

2. Purchase your very own purpose built Equestrian Property

With your imaginary winnings you could not only purchase, but be mortgage free on, your very own equestrian property with a family home, like Bellewood Farm, a recent TradeMe listing.

Did you know that you can also add lifestyle blocks and equestrian properties for sale here at Create your free advert/listing today, or contact for assistance, and we’ll feature your property in our regular e-newsletter updates.

3. Install Marble floors and chandeliers in your stable block

Okay, IMHO, this just seems downright silly. Give me a new horse truck any day!

This exclusive ‘equestrian club’ is owned by founder of the Heilan group, “a multi-billion corporation based in Xinqiao, China. Horse breeds were purchased from all over the world and housed in a lavish hall to show off his wealth.

Despite all the glitter and glamour, the place smells just like a farm.

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4. Get that indoor sand arena that you’ve always dreamed about

In 2014, former Chairman and CEO of Ashland Jim O’Brien and his wife Katie bought the defunct Valley View thoroughbred farm and quickly transformed it into a state-of-the-art horse eventing training center, with new outdoor and indoor arenas, a cross-country field and refurbished stalls for 38 horses.

It’s raining outside?

Not a problem with an all weather all purpose indoor arena!

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5. Splash out on the horse that will ‘take you all the way…’

It doesn’t matter if you’re a dressage diva, an aspiring showjumping super star or ride in another discipline, I’m sure you’ll have read those adverts that say ‘this horse will take you all the way’ or ‘has potential to go to the top.’

Palloubet d’Halong $15million

However, your imaginary $10million Lotto winnings might not be able to afford one of these four legged superstars; Palloubet d’Halong sold for a record breaking $15million, and Totilas was the most expensive dressage horse ever sold at $21 million. Visit for full article

You might still find the horse or pony of your dreams closer to home, right here at or on TradeMe where prices are a little more within reach.

Totilas $21million

So how would you spend $10million? Would it be on your equestrian habit, family, property, holidays and adventures, a worthwhile charity or cause, or something different? Perhaps you’re a saver and you’d tuck it away safely in the bank for a rainy day… 

Please leave a comment below – we’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic!


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