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Did you know that HorsesForSale has a category for Stallions at Stud?

Showcase your Stallion and Young stock

The Stallions At Stud category has been created with horse and pony breeders in mind to showcase their stallions and breeding operation.

We email our subscribers regularly and will feature new listings in upcoming e-newsletters and share on our Facebook page. HorseForSaleNZ is just another way for breeders to reach potential buyers and promote their business.

Purpose bred with the rider in mind

Bandito – Pinto Warmblood at Stud

New Zealand is well-known not only for producing winning racehorses, but also many quality sport horses and riding ponies that are suitable for a range of disciplines.

Buying a horse or pony from a reputable breeder means that riders can select a purpose bred mount that is the right type & conformation for their chosen discipline, AND has the right level of athleticism and temperament to suit their needs.

Reputation matters

Buying a horse or pony from a breeder also has another often overlooked advantage for buyers. Breeders have a vested interest in ensuring that their young stock is well-matched to the right rider/home. After all, it’s their reputation on the line, and they’ll want to ensure that their horses/ponies are being showcased in the best possible light. This is great for the buyer as it means that the relationship, advice or support from the seller (aka breeder) can continue long after the sale has been completed.

Create your listing

Red Rebel – American Saddlebred

If you are a breeder and have a stallion at stud, why don’t you take advantage of our FREE offer and create a listing for your stud. To get started – click SELL and follow the steps to ADD your listing.

Alternatively, send us a quick email with a link to your website (or Facebook page) and we can create a free listing for you. Yes, it’s that easy!

We look forward to working with you to create a comprehensive directory of Stallions at Stud in New Zealand!

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