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Write A Great Classified Ad For Your Horse

Unsure what to include in your advertisement?

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to include and what to leave out of your advertisement.

If you want to write a great classified ad for your horse, but are stuck for inspiration, check out these writing prompts from Horses For Sale NZ to get your creativity flowing.

A template for your advert

  • Title
    • Try to create an eye-catching title that is going to appeal to your target buyer. For example if your pony is a perfect beginner mount, state this up front in the advert.
    • Conversely, if you know that your horse is going to require a more experienced rider, you could say something along the lines of ‘project horse’ or ‘youngster with potential.’
    • Avoid negative statements like ‘needs experienced rider’ in this section.
  • Description
    • Breed, Age, Height, Colour, Sex
    • Broken/Unbroken/Handled etc
    • Is the horse/pony currently in work?
    • Suited for what discipline? If competing, at what level? Has the horse/pony had any success?
    • What type of gear is the horse ridden in (snaffle, bit-less other? Western, English etc)
    • Does the horse float/truck okay?
    • What makes your horse/pony special
    • Why are you selling?
      • Keep it short and sweet, you don’t need to write a book here
    • What type of rider/home are you looking for?
      • This is where you can make your personal observations such as ‘needs an experienced rider/home/handler’ and/or the type of environment you think your horse will thrive in.
    • Disclose known issues
      • soundness
      • blemishes/scars
      • quirks and vices
  • Price
    • Are you negotiable?
    • Would you consider a lease (or NOT)
    • Trials (or NOT)
    • Does the price include any gear (tack, covers, halter/lead rope etc)
  • Photos
    • Take quality images, but compress these down to under 1mb before uploading into your advertisement for faster loading.
    • Ideally doing a variety of activities (under saddle, being handled, side view, front on etc)
  • Use of Video
    • At Horses For Sale you can include a link to a YouTube or Facebook Video which will be included in your advertisement
    • There is no hard and fast rule about length of video, but we recommend videos 3-10 minutes in length
  • Your contact information and location
    • Where can the horse be viewed/and ridden

There’s a fine line between too LITTLE and too MUCH information

Ultimate Teenagers Allrounder
Ultimate Teenagers Allrounder

Keep this in mind as you write your advertisement. You don’t need to include every single piece of information on this list, but you do want to include enough information to make sure your advert is effective and does its job.

After all, the more information you provide can help prospective buyers to qualify themselves (ie: work out if the horse you are selling is likely to suit them).

There’s nothing worse than having to field a myriad of emails and phone calls from tyre-kickers!

Putting it all together

Lovely Bay Gelding
Lovely Bay Gelding

Sometimes the best way of finalising the copy for your advertisement is to simply to follow the template above and jot down the answers for each section. Once you can see all the information typed out in front of you, it’s much easier to work out where you may be a bit light on detail, or where you need to lose some of the ‘waffle.’

If you do need to cut down on your word count, take out the personal statements first (why you are selling, what type of home you are looking for, etc.), and leave the hard facts in (description, price, and any other material information that you should disclose to potential buyers).

Your suggestions

What do you think? What else should a seller include to create the perfect advert?

Pinto Youngstock Champion Show Horse
Pinto Youngstock Champion Show Horse

If you have ideas and suggestions on how to effectively market and sell your horse/pony we’d love to hear from you so we can improve this article for our readers.

Please use the comments section below to contribute to this article, or drop us a line.

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