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You CAN Sell Horses Online Free NZ

Owning and maintaining your four legged friend is costly enough, without spending a small fortune on for sale adverts when it’s time to part ways.

We have created this website so you can sell horses online free, it’s NZ’s newest buy and sell marketplace for equestrian enthusiasts.

Time to sell your horse?

Here’s a few ideas to get the job done quickly and painlessly.

1. Write a great advertisement

Nothing sells product like compelling advertisements. Be truthful and include as much detail as possible, whilst appealing to your perfect buyer.

Unsure where to start? Check out this post on writing the perfect advertisement here.

2. Invest some time and energy in quality photos & video

When people are browsing through listings, there’s no doubt the photos are the first thing that will generally catch their eye. Make sure your photos are of a high quality and show off your horse or pony’s best features. Try to thing about what else is in the picture, a non cluttered background is best, to focus the buyers attention on your horse, not the surroundings.

Video is also being used more widely. Whether that’s having access to a professional video from a recent event, or making a short video clip on your phone, video is a good way for prospective buyers to get a sense of what the horse is like in different situations. Be aware of background noise, for example, if you are videoing a horse doing a round of showjumping, try not to commentate whilst you are filming! Let the prospective buyer make up their own mind. Also filming on a windy day can create a lot of background noise which can be off putting, in those cases it may be better to upload video without sound.

It is free to upload videos to YouTube, and they have easy links for sharing – so sending video clips by email, or embedding them into your adverts has never been easier.

3. Use a variety of methods to reach your buyer

IMPORTANT – Don’t rely on a single method of advertising to reach your prospective buyer.

“Just because you hang out on Facebook all day, doesn’t necessarily mean the perfect buyer is lurking there as well.”

Use a variety of methods to attract the perfect buyer for your horse. Here’s a few methods to get you started:

  • Place a FREE advert here on Horses For Sale
  • Paid Advertising on TradeMe (Starts at $39)
  • Other Horse For Sale websites online (there are plenty of FREE or paid options out there)
  • Facebook Groups (though this is likely to become more difficult in future when FB enforces their no sale of animals rule)
  • Word of mouth through your local pony club or adult riding club. Don’t underestimate the power of your own networks to find the perfect home for your four legged friend
  • Flyers at your local saddlery and feed supplies store
  • ‘For Sale’ written on a horses’ rump when out trekking, hunting or in a social group setting can also be very effective, especially if you can rely on your horse/pony to behave properly in company
  • YouTube Video and social sharing through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is also extremely effective

Your suggestions

What do you think? What are some other ways that sellers can reach their potential buyers for free?

If you have ideas and suggestions on how to effectively market and sell your horse/pony we’d love to hear from you so we can improve this article for our readers.

Please use the comments section below to contribute to this article, or drop us a line.

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